Darkfire – 2003

Welcome to my ChipScapeTM website. Here you will find fine art focused on high technology. I invite you to explore my art.

Intel, IBM, Fairchild, DEC, Signetics, Intersil, AMD, Zilog, Motorola, MOS, NEC, Texas Instruments, these are some of the great chip making companies. Chips like the Intel 4004, the MOS 6502, the Zilog Z80, the AMD 2901, the IBM PowerPC and others have changed the way people work and play. ChipScapeTM are dedicated to preserving and sharing these computing and communication technologies that changed the world.

The term ChipScapeTM comes from a contraction of phrase “chip landscape”. That what my art is: chip landscapes. People often say that chips look like tiny cities. In fact, the Disney movie, Tron, was based on that theme. The traces connecting the various parts of the chip certainly appear, and function, like roads!

My art, most of the time, focuses on computer chips. Sometimes just a tiny areas of the chip, sometimes the whole chip, and sometimes many chips. In my walks through technology I look for the interesting and the wonderful.

Please browse as you would in a shop. Enjoy!