Sep 01

ChipScapes at the 2015 Orlando Maker Faire September 12th and 13th

2015-08-16 12.04.33I will be at the Orlando Maker Faire at the Orlando Science Center in September, Saturday, 12th and Sunday, 13th. My exhibit will be on the 4th floor near the back corner of Dino Digs (in front of Triceratops skull, if you know wear that is). I will have new artwork for sale and some interesting chip exhibits.

Maker Faire Orlando is growing thanks to a new partnership between Orlando Museum of Art, The Maker Effect Foundation and Orlando Science Center. The two-day, family-friendly celebration will feature more than 250 local Makers, hands-on workshops and more that will entertain and inspire more than 15,000 members of the Central Florida community.

Maker Faire Orlando is fueled by the local arts community with DIY enthusiasts and families taking part in a celebration of technology, science, arts, crafts, engineering, education, sustainability and much more. This year, the can’t-miss event has grown its arts presence even larger with the addition of exhibit and workshop space at the Orlando Museum of Art.

Aug 28

ChipScapes in the Wall Street Journal

My artwork got a mention in the Wall Street Journal today. Kinda cool! Here is the link below:

Here is the pdf, if the WSJ link does not work for you.

You Can’t Eat These Chips – WSJ Aug-2014


Aug 04

Framing Techniques – ChipScapes on Canvas

Canvas Texture

Canvas Texture

Galary Wrapped

Galary Wrapped

This style of framing provides a more vibrant look to my artwork.  With no glass between the viewer and the art, the colors jump out. The texture of the canvas (as seen in the picture to the right) gives the artwork a warmer feel.

Although the canvas has a UV protective coating on it, they are more susceptible to damage because they are not protected by glass.  Gentler handling is necessary.

ChipScapesTM on Canvases are gallery wrapped canvases. Gallery wrapped means the canvas is printed larger than the wood frame, so that the image spills over the sides and around the back. I really like this 3D look. The canvas is stretched and folded over the frame and stapled to the back (see picture at left).

The artwork is ready to hang. Hardware to hang the artwork, is mounted on the back on the frame. This includes the screws, eyelets, wire, and frame bumpers.  Also, a certificate is attached in plastic envelop.  The certificate provides the artwork’s title and information about the artwork and is signed by me.

Should youCanvas_Back wish to mount the artwork in your own frame. The hanging hardware can be easily removed from the back. Also, upon request I can ship the artwork rolled up in a tube with, or without, the canvas stretchers. This will save on shipping costs for larger artworks, but will require you to stretch the artwork, or have a framing shop stretch it for you.

Sep 12

Framing Techniques – Floating in Air!

Floating Image Over a Black Background

Artifacts and Panel Floating Over a Background Image

One of the techniques I use in my artworks is something I call Suspension Framing. This style of framing provides a unique look to my artworks. I do my own framing and I consider this part of the art. The print is mounted on black foam core. The print is then mounted on a slightly smaller piece of foam core, which is then mounted to the background panel. This assembly is mounted in a very deep frame (a shadowbox usually). This provides a very sturdy framing structure, but yet the picture appears to be floating just behind the glass and above the back panel. I like this style because it  allows me to maximize the image area and to provide a modern look in a rich, sophisticated frame. 

I also use this technique to mount small panels over images and also with some chips. Here is an example from my Historical Series, “Decades of Technology”. Here the artifacts are raised off the background using the same mounting technique. My style creates a three dimensional sculptured look that is difficult to convey with 2 dimensional pictures.